The Harvest War

Among Foxes

After being talked in circles by numerous members of the large Albreth clan and their inlaws, Ser Alfric Tredmore and Daralis set off to search for bandits with Albreth men while the others stayed to hear Septon Ultanis’ sermon. The sermon was rousing and inspirational to all those present, though many of the particulars stated were in tension – to say the least – with official sept doctrine and perhaps with the laws against The Faith Militant. Further, the sept on the Albreth land was declared a spot for pilgrimage.

Siv Beesbury Albreth confessed that her husband, Ser Lennart Albreth, was actually the one behind Rulic’s disappearance. In fact, Rulic had been the plotter, who carried out his scheme with Ser Lennart’s help. When confronted with his crime, Ser Lennart was goaded into trial by combat, where he was handily defeated by Tredmore. Ultanis declared Tredmore the first crusader.



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