Lord Wallack Suffroch


Dark of skin, hair, and expression, Lord Wallack Suffroch is a stern presence. Often found in the sept praying or at his desk managing his lands, Lord Suffroch has only become more serious since the death of his wife.


Lord Wallack took up effective rulership of his family’s land at age 16, with his mother’s guidance. He had the peasants help lay the foundation for an expanded sept as penance for their uprising, and he lead a prayer for the fallen miners as well as for the dead guards. He reminded the people of the House motto, “A Faith Renewed,” and asked that both sides renew their commitment to The Seven and to their lives together. He further promised that he would not share his father’s excesses. The last decade of his father’s Beldon’s life was tense, but there was no more violence.

Lord Wallack Suffroch has regained much of the respect his family had lost under his father’s self indulgence. He fully renovated the sept and kept his promise to live austerely until all his subjects could live with some comfort. In fact, his austerity continued well past the point when all his peasants were eating well. He married well, to the eldest daughter of Lord Crakehalls, reinforcing that trade alliance. He served with distinction under the Lannisters during the final days of Robert’s Rebellion. He has worked diligently to promote trade and to build infrastructure. His first child was a daughter, and during the many years that she was an only child, he raised her to rule. He assumed that he would end up marrying her to one of her cousins with a decent claim to succeed him, and thus leave the succession without doubt or challenge. When Wallack finally begat a son, Kelvin, his attention turned to the boy, and he has been grooming the boy for rulership ever since.

Lord Wallack Suffroch

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