Ser Braddock Hill

Castellan of Elderfaith Hall, half brother to Lord Suffroch


Ser Braddock is thin for a knight, yet has a voice made for command. He shares his half-brother’s dark hair and complexion, yet inherited the particularly handsome facial structure of the Caswells. He is quick to smile, especially around his family and the lord’s children.

He is only marginally more than an adequate fighter, but makes up for this with his skill in riding. He has a gift for strategy and plays an expert game of Cyvasse. His faith in the Seven is important to him, but it has not made him serious in the way it has his half-brother.


The eldest of Lord Beldon’s three acknowledged bastards, Ser Braddock also has the most noble blood. His mother was a sister of Lord Lorent Caswell, the Lord of Bitterbridge in the Reach. He was raised in Bitterbridge, though he and his mother often visited his father and half siblings. When he came of age, he asked to squire under the master of arms at Elderfaith Hall, the father of Ser Alfric Tredmore. The older Tredmore trained some muscle on Braddock’s formerly thin frame, and the boy learned that he could make up in skill and tactics what he lacked in sheer might.

He fought well during the sacking of King’s Landing, and was knighted afterward. He was named castellan early in Lord Wallack Suffroch’s rule, due to his leadership and faith, and because the previous castellan had considered his main job to be to enable Beldon’s many indulgences. Lord Wallack seems to now regret that appointment, since he avoids his half brother whenever possible, but Ser Braddock has served ably and Lord Wallack is to honorable to replace the man without cause. He has aided in the running of the land as well as the education of the lord’s children.

He married a knight’s daughter, and now has two daughters of his own. They currently live in a timberframe house a short walk away from Elderfaith Hall.

Ser Braddock Hill

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