Ser Jevan Hostlerman

A young knight in service to the Suffroch family


Ser Jevan is tall with long auburn hair and perpetually tanned skin. He has trouble holding still, having to bounce a knee when sitting or pace when standing.

Health 12
Combat defense 8 (6 with shield and armor), brigandine armor 8 (AP-4, bulk 3)
Morningstar (5D1B, 3dmg)


The twenty year old son of master of horse, Ser Jevan learned to ride not long after he began to walk. Since then he has wanted to wander further and further afield, always looking for adventure except when he is looking for food.

He served as squire for Ser Braddock Hill, and was knighted by Ser Alfric Tredmore after the boy fought well driving off bandits.

Ser Jevan Hostlerman

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