Ser Trentan Skinner

An old knight in service of the Suffroch family


Ser Trantan’s face looks his age. It is weathered and deeply lined. His widow’s peak is receding, and his goatee has turned white. However, he is as fit as any man.


The son of a leather tanner, Ser Trantan rose to the rank of knight through sheer determination and dedication to skill. He served with Ser Alfric’s father and grandfather in the War of the Ninepenny Kings. and with Ser Alfric in the Sacking of King’s Landing.

Though offered lands, he preferred to let his lord manage people so that he could focus on his skills. He is constantly practicing with sword and lance. Age has made him less physically capable, yet he has improved his skills enough to remain an adept fighter. His obsession has meant that he has neglected to learn much other than fighting, however.

Ser Trentan Skinner

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