The Harvest War

Negotiations and tidings

Lartel Serrett was wined, dined, and convinced to sign a document stating that House Serrett would provide a garrison to House Suffroch.

Soon thereafter, a message came from the Suffroch family’s sworn knight, Ser Emil Oakfell, Oakfell’s seventeen year old son, Rulic, had gone missing, and Sir Emil had received a note from Ser Thorston Stoneshield saying he would ransom the boy for an unreasonable price.

Kelvin and his retinue traveled to meet with Ser Oakfell, who gave further details about the letter he received and the timeline of his son’s disappearance. It seems the boy had gone to deliver a puzzlebox of his own design to the Albreth family, and he did not return. The Albreths say that they received such a puzzlebox from Ser Thorsten Stoneshield. At about the same time, Oakfell received the ransom note, and the body of his servant, Poc, who had been sent to protect Rulic, was found on the border between his lands and those of Stoneshield.

The party set out with Oakfell to talk with Ser Thorsten.

An Introduction to House Suffroch

Lord Suffroch asked that his son Kelvin be given the responsibility of entertaining a guest on the family lands, Lartel Serrett of SIlverhill.

First, though, Kelvin and his elder sister Myra – along with two of the better trained peasants, Croll and Gurner – received arms training from the house Master of Arms, Ser Tredmore.

After the combat training, in which Myra showed improvement and the others did not, Lady Daralis, sister of the Lord, had the children taken to Septon Ultanis for healing.

The next day, the family suffered through Lartel Serrett’s presence while attempting to both charm him and extract information from the boorish drunk.


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