The Harvest War

The Wedding of Robert and Margaery

The family enjoyed its increased status and influence, including invitations to the king’s wedding. They discussed the possibility of a takeover or annexation of the Albreth family, but decided to wait on that until after attending the wedding.

On the way, Kelvin confessed to his aunt Daralis that it burned when he peed, and Daralis promptly (loudly) told Septon Ultanis in front of everyone else. Advice was given to the young heir about his future conduct, in tones conveying varying degrees of mockery.

In Highgarden, Ultanis and Kelvin charmed those seated around them, Daralis paid careful attention to the guests’ behavior and emotions, and Ser Tredmore and Myra presumably dreamed of being able to face every obnoxious courtier around them in combat rather than with words.

Several dishes into the seventy seven courses, a play was put on that seemed targeted at mocking Stannis and Renly Baratheon. The king’s brothers both went up to Robert afterward, Stannis protesting the crudity of the play as being unseemly at a royal wedding, Renly trying to hide his anger and to seem to be calming Stannis down while actually making biting remarks in the process.

Moments after dismissing his brothers, Robert took a swig of wine from his goblet, then clawed at his throat, unable to breath.

Melee, Jousting, Rhetoric, and Forensics

Daralis and Ultanis determined that Ser Addam Marabrand’s death was most likely a suicide. Ultanis and Kelvin spoke with the grieving Lord Marabrand before he and his retinue returned the body to their lands.

The next day, Ser Alfric handily knocked out Ser Amory Lorch in the melee, then only took minor bruises from Ser Lyle “The Strong Boar” Crakehall before overcoming that powerful knight as well. The rest of the melee was fairly simple after that, and he went on to be the last man standing.

In the evening, Ultanis won the philosophical portion of the rhetoric competition dealing with the nature of time.

On the last day of the event, it was discovered that someone had entered Kelvin in the jousting competition as a prank. He rode poorly, but did not dishonor himself, lasting until the third bout with the (in)famous knight Ser Amory Lorch. Ser Skinner did well in his first two rounds, before being unhorsed by the tourney’s eventual winner, a mystery knight with a shield showing a giant standing on a pool of blood and grey broken bones. Daralis noticed that Tyrion might have recognized the mystery knight, but Tyrion did not give too much away when asked about it.

The Grand Suffroch Party Continues

Daralis Suffroch oversaw the stock show, awarding first place to a white sow without blemish, as well as picking favorite horses, jams, etc. Nobles then bid to buy winning animals, and a silent auction awarded the food.

The steward of House Suffroch announced to the gathered lords that a letter had come addressed to the Lords of the Seven Kingdoms, in which Jaime Lannister demanded trial by combat, noting that Eddard Stark always says that the man who passes sentence should swing the sword. The reactions are confused and varied, though Tyrion looked pleased.

The first major competition of arms took place: the small unit combat. In the first round, The Lannisters of Lannisport defeated house Crakehall, House Marbrand defeated House Lydden, and House Suffroch – under Myra’s leadership – defeated House Serrett. In the second round, Ser Addam Marbrand – son and heir of Lord Damon Marbrand – made a good effort, but ultimately Myra and house Suffroch were the victors. The losers were sore in their loss, though many others congratulated Myra, including Tyrion Lannister, the Crakehalls, and Lord Wallack Suffroch.

There was much feasting and flirting following the battle. Myra and Kelvin were beset upon by a crowd of Lannisters of Lannisport, a mass of blonde sisters and cousins. Kelvin offered to give a tour of the reliquary, which Mellinna and Sophie took him up on. When the other Lannister women had left, Kiren flirted with Myra, who eventually picked up on this fact and awkwardly – yet fairly successfully – flirted back. Kelvin was finally able to ditch young Sophie, and was trying to think of where to take Mellinna for some privacy when a cry went out that a man was dead.

It turned out that it was Ser Addam Marbrand, found hung near the Marbrand pavilion. Lady Daralis rode bareback out there to beat the crowds and found the body in full armor, and noticed a stool tossed far to the side. There were already many Marbrand servants around, and they had cut down the house’s heir in a futile attempt to revive him.

Homecoming and Party

The party returned to Elderfaith Hall to find Lord Suffroch overjoyed to see his children safely home. They finished informing him of their adventures, and he shared with them a letter from King Robert that disinherited Joffrey, Marcella, and Tommen, declaring them abominations spawned of incest. Former Queen Cersei and former Kingsguard Jaime Lannister were sentenced to death. Further, anyone who aided, housed, or fed Jaime was also to be considered a traitor. After some debate, House Suffroch decided not to openly declare anything yet since they had not yet been asked to do so by anyone, and that they would still be happy to host the Lannisters at their party with the exception of Jaime.

The lavish party began well, with Kelvin charming the guests, Daralis evesdropping to get of sense of where they stood in the coming probable conflict, and Ultanis coming to a mutual understanding with Tyrion Lannister.

Fire and Blood

The Suffroch entourage organized the people in the sept to be more orderly as the fires spread outside. It became clear that the fires were being spread by men on horses, and as they drew near it was clearly guards of House Lannister along with members of the Gold Cloaks. Alfric Tredmore spoke with a Lannister guard, who informed him that the fires were ordered by Ser Jaime Lannister and that they were to meet outside the city.

The Suffrochs planned to sit out the fires until the neighboring Guildhall of the Alchemists caught fire and begin erupting in green flames. At that point they gathered up the members of The Most Devout that they could find, along with any holy relics they could ‘save’. They ensured that there was no further theft in the sept, and Ultanis gave a powerful hellfire and brimstone sermon. As wildfire tornadoes formed, they evacuated the sept and out the Lion Gate, leading the gathered supplicants of the Seven. Outside the gate, Ultanis gave another sermon, this time denouncing the Red God as an agent of destruction and sin, and blaming the Red God for the fire.

Croll andGurner were lucky to find that the party’s horses were in fact still in the stable and Daralis actually paid them for their excellent service. The party rode out to meet with the Lannisters. They found that Lord Stark had ordered Cersei, her children, and most of the Lannister guard onto a ship, and that he had done so without the king’s leave. This had sent Jaime into a rage. He mentioned that Stark had made an accusation of him and that he demanded trial by combat yet was not heard. Instead he burned the docks to make sure that no ships followed Cersei, stating that the king would have her killed, and burned the city to cover his own escape. The Suffrochs were wise enough not to ask any awkward questions, and instead invited Jaime and his brother to a party that they would be throwing in the coming month.

After parting with the Lannister host at Deep Den, the Suffrochs met with Lord Beric Dondarrion. He was bewildered by the tidings the Suffrochs brought, and accepted Alfric’s challenge to him. Though he fought well, Dondarrion was cut down by Alfric in single combat. Alfric took Dondarrion’s armor to ransom. Many of the onlookers were absorbed in the battle and were shouting among each other when their leader fell, yet some heard Ultanis’ challenge to join the holy cause based in Elderfaith Hall.

Concerning Crusaders

On the road to King’s Landing, the group encountered Lord Beric Dondarrion at the head of 100 men. He delivered a writ from Eddard Stark, Hand of the King, declaring that Ser Alfric, as well with all others who declared themselves crusaders, was stripped of all titles, lands, and incomes. Dondarrion and Alfric almost came to blows, but their duty prevented them.

In King’s Landing, Ultanis gave a rousing sermon to the folks at the Gate of the Gods, acquired knowledge of the High Septon’s tastes and made arrangements to satisfy them as gifts. He met with Septa Moella of the Most Devout while the others prayed in the Great Sept. Ultanis gave an eloquent account of his earlier sermons and other actions that had caused a stir, and painted his actions in a light that would be most acceptable to the king and the Most Devout. Septa Moella accepted his account, and quietly suggested that he make progress to restore the faith a touch more subtly.

As the group prepared to leave the Great Sept of Balor, they saw smoke rising from several points in the city, and saw flames spreading quickly.

Letters and Summons

The return to Elderfaith hall was uneventful until nearly at the hall itself. There the party encountered two armed camps. One, rowdy and without shame, turned out to be The Fully Sullied, a mercenary company lead by Snark and Grumpkin and that had been hired by Lord Serrett in fulfillment of both the letter and spirit of the agreement his brother had been tricked into signing.

The other camp was home to crusaders who had heard tale of Ultanis’ call to faith. They were lead by Margus Bloodoath, a man who had carved the seven pointed star in his chest like Andals of old and who was fanatic in his devotion.

Lord Suffroch was displeased at the events that had occurred without consulting him and that seemed to overreach propriety. He was eventually mollified. He also had news of letters from Lord Lannister, who said that it would be best if this matter was resolved without him having to interfere or even hear of it any further, and from the High Septon, summoning Ultanis to explain himself.

The party gave orders to their new soldiers and set out to escort Ultanis to King’s Landing. Along the way, somewhat less controversial sermons were given at Silverhall and Deep Den.

Bandit hunt

The party still needed to find Rulic and bring him to justice. He was left with a few guards at a small cave at the border between Suffroch, Albreth, and Rowan lands.

As the party approached, the saw a man on horseback galloping their way, with two arrows protruding from his frame. Ser Sulvan Tallman told of how he had ridden with four other knights to sweep out the bandits from the land and to collect the reward for Jacor Swordkissed’s head. Tallman thought that it was foolhardy to ride without the Rowan’s promised reinforcements, yet believed it better to ride in force than alone when the others disagreed.

Ser Alfric, Ser Jevan Hostlerman, and two members of the personal guard climbed the rock outcropping behind the bandit camp and attacked from surprise. The rest of the personal guard, under Myra’s command, formed a pincer attack, crushing all resistance despite superior numbers and trap-strewn defenses. Jacor Swordkissed was trapped by his retreating men, who themselves were mostly cut down by a route led by Young Lord Kelvin.

Rulic Oakfell was found inside the cave, along with the surviving captured knights. He was forced to confess his crimes and motivations. The knights had their ransoms transferred to the Suffrochs, and the party collected the bounty on Swordkissed as well as the loot the bandits had stolen.

Ser Sulvan Tallman was impressed by Myra’s command and ability, and knighted her. The party returned Rulic to Lord Suffroch for judgement.

Among Foxes

After being talked in circles by numerous members of the large Albreth clan and their inlaws, Ser Alfric Tredmore and Daralis set off to search for bandits with Albreth men while the others stayed to hear Septon Ultanis’ sermon. The sermon was rousing and inspirational to all those present, though many of the particulars stated were in tension – to say the least – with official sept doctrine and perhaps with the laws against The Faith Militant. Further, the sept on the Albreth land was declared a spot for pilgrimage.

Siv Beesbury Albreth confessed that her husband, Ser Lennart Albreth, was actually the one behind Rulic’s disappearance. In fact, Rulic had been the plotter, who carried out his scheme with Ser Lennart’s help. When confronted with his crime, Ser Lennart was goaded into trial by combat, where he was handily defeated by Tredmore. Ultanis declared Tredmore the first crusader.

Crisis Averted

The talks with Stoneshield did not start smoothly, yet before blows were struck it became clear that there was a great deal of misinformation. Stoneshield had received a letter bearing Oakfell’s seal, which said that he was coming to collect his son, and stating that Stoneshield’s grandson, born of the rape of his daughter by an unknown assailant, was Oakfell’s. Stoneshield acted with understandable rage, until it was made clear to all parties that the letters must be forgeries.

Stoneshield was persuaded to come meet Lord Suffroch, and to swear loyalty in exchange for the family’s resources being used to find out the truth of the matter.

Kelvin and his retinue set out to investigate at the Albreths’ lands, since some of the false information originated there.


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