The Harvest War

Bandit hunt

The party still needed to find Rulic and bring him to justice. He was left with a few guards at a small cave at the border between Suffroch, Albreth, and Rowan lands.

As the party approached, the saw a man on horseback galloping their way, with two arrows protruding from his frame. Ser Sulvan Tallman told of how he had ridden with four other knights to sweep out the bandits from the land and to collect the reward for Jacor Swordkissed’s head. Tallman thought that it was foolhardy to ride without the Rowan’s promised reinforcements, yet believed it better to ride in force than alone when the others disagreed.

Ser Alfric, Ser Jevan Hostlerman, and two members of the personal guard climbed the rock outcropping behind the bandit camp and attacked from surprise. The rest of the personal guard, under Myra’s command, formed a pincer attack, crushing all resistance despite superior numbers and trap-strewn defenses. Jacor Swordkissed was trapped by his retreating men, who themselves were mostly cut down by a route led by Young Lord Kelvin.

Rulic Oakfell was found inside the cave, along with the surviving captured knights. He was forced to confess his crimes and motivations. The knights had their ransoms transferred to the Suffrochs, and the party collected the bounty on Swordkissed as well as the loot the bandits had stolen.

Ser Sulvan Tallman was impressed by Myra’s command and ability, and knighted her. The party returned Rulic to Lord Suffroch for judgement.



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