The Harvest War

Homecoming and Party

The party returned to Elderfaith Hall to find Lord Suffroch overjoyed to see his children safely home. They finished informing him of their adventures, and he shared with them a letter from King Robert that disinherited Joffrey, Marcella, and Tommen, declaring them abominations spawned of incest. Former Queen Cersei and former Kingsguard Jaime Lannister were sentenced to death. Further, anyone who aided, housed, or fed Jaime was also to be considered a traitor. After some debate, House Suffroch decided not to openly declare anything yet since they had not yet been asked to do so by anyone, and that they would still be happy to host the Lannisters at their party with the exception of Jaime.

The lavish party began well, with Kelvin charming the guests, Daralis evesdropping to get of sense of where they stood in the coming probable conflict, and Ultanis coming to a mutual understanding with Tyrion Lannister.



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