The Harvest War

Letters and Summons

The return to Elderfaith hall was uneventful until nearly at the hall itself. There the party encountered two armed camps. One, rowdy and without shame, turned out to be The Fully Sullied, a mercenary company lead by Snark and Grumpkin and that had been hired by Lord Serrett in fulfillment of both the letter and spirit of the agreement his brother had been tricked into signing.

The other camp was home to crusaders who had heard tale of Ultanis’ call to faith. They were lead by Margus Bloodoath, a man who had carved the seven pointed star in his chest like Andals of old and who was fanatic in his devotion.

Lord Suffroch was displeased at the events that had occurred without consulting him and that seemed to overreach propriety. He was eventually mollified. He also had news of letters from Lord Lannister, who said that it would be best if this matter was resolved without him having to interfere or even hear of it any further, and from the High Septon, summoning Ultanis to explain himself.

The party gave orders to their new soldiers and set out to escort Ultanis to King’s Landing. Along the way, somewhat less controversial sermons were given at Silverhall and Deep Den.



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