The Harvest War

Concerning Crusaders

On the road to King’s Landing, the group encountered Lord Beric Dondarrion at the head of 100 men. He delivered a writ from Eddard Stark, Hand of the King, declaring that Ser Alfric, as well with all others who declared themselves crusaders, was stripped of all titles, lands, and incomes. Dondarrion and Alfric almost came to blows, but their duty prevented them.

In King’s Landing, Ultanis gave a rousing sermon to the folks at the Gate of the Gods, acquired knowledge of the High Septon’s tastes and made arrangements to satisfy them as gifts. He met with Septa Moella of the Most Devout while the others prayed in the Great Sept. Ultanis gave an eloquent account of his earlier sermons and other actions that had caused a stir, and painted his actions in a light that would be most acceptable to the king and the Most Devout. Septa Moella accepted his account, and quietly suggested that he make progress to restore the faith a touch more subtly.

As the group prepared to leave the Great Sept of Balor, they saw smoke rising from several points in the city, and saw flames spreading quickly.



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