The Harvest War

Fire and Blood

The Suffroch entourage organized the people in the sept to be more orderly as the fires spread outside. It became clear that the fires were being spread by men on horses, and as they drew near it was clearly guards of House Lannister along with members of the Gold Cloaks. Alfric Tredmore spoke with a Lannister guard, who informed him that the fires were ordered by Ser Jaime Lannister and that they were to meet outside the city.

The Suffrochs planned to sit out the fires until the neighboring Guildhall of the Alchemists caught fire and begin erupting in green flames. At that point they gathered up the members of The Most Devout that they could find, along with any holy relics they could ‘save’. They ensured that there was no further theft in the sept, and Ultanis gave a powerful hellfire and brimstone sermon. As wildfire tornadoes formed, they evacuated the sept and out the Lion Gate, leading the gathered supplicants of the Seven. Outside the gate, Ultanis gave another sermon, this time denouncing the Red God as an agent of destruction and sin, and blaming the Red God for the fire.

Croll andGurner were lucky to find that the party’s horses were in fact still in the stable and Daralis actually paid them for their excellent service. The party rode out to meet with the Lannisters. They found that Lord Stark had ordered Cersei, her children, and most of the Lannister guard onto a ship, and that he had done so without the king’s leave. This had sent Jaime into a rage. He mentioned that Stark had made an accusation of him and that he demanded trial by combat yet was not heard. Instead he burned the docks to make sure that no ships followed Cersei, stating that the king would have her killed, and burned the city to cover his own escape. The Suffrochs were wise enough not to ask any awkward questions, and instead invited Jaime and his brother to a party that they would be throwing in the coming month.

After parting with the Lannister host at Deep Den, the Suffrochs met with Lord Beric Dondarrion. He was bewildered by the tidings the Suffrochs brought, and accepted Alfric’s challenge to him. Though he fought well, Dondarrion was cut down by Alfric in single combat. Alfric took Dondarrion’s armor to ransom. Many of the onlookers were absorbed in the battle and were shouting among each other when their leader fell, yet some heard Ultanis’ challenge to join the holy cause based in Elderfaith Hall.



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