The Harvest War

Melee, Jousting, Rhetoric, and Forensics

Daralis and Ultanis determined that Ser Addam Marabrand’s death was most likely a suicide. Ultanis and Kelvin spoke with the grieving Lord Marabrand before he and his retinue returned the body to their lands.

The next day, Ser Alfric handily knocked out Ser Amory Lorch in the melee, then only took minor bruises from Ser Lyle “The Strong Boar” Crakehall before overcoming that powerful knight as well. The rest of the melee was fairly simple after that, and he went on to be the last man standing.

In the evening, Ultanis won the philosophical portion of the rhetoric competition dealing with the nature of time.

On the last day of the event, it was discovered that someone had entered Kelvin in the jousting competition as a prank. He rode poorly, but did not dishonor himself, lasting until the third bout with the (in)famous knight Ser Amory Lorch. Ser Skinner did well in his first two rounds, before being unhorsed by the tourney’s eventual winner, a mystery knight with a shield showing a giant standing on a pool of blood and grey broken bones. Daralis noticed that Tyrion might have recognized the mystery knight, but Tyrion did not give too much away when asked about it.



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