The Harvest War

The Wedding of Robert and Margaery

The family enjoyed its increased status and influence, including invitations to the king’s wedding. They discussed the possibility of a takeover or annexation of the Albreth family, but decided to wait on that until after attending the wedding.

On the way, Kelvin confessed to his aunt Daralis that it burned when he peed, and Daralis promptly (loudly) told Septon Ultanis in front of everyone else. Advice was given to the young heir about his future conduct, in tones conveying varying degrees of mockery.

In Highgarden, Ultanis and Kelvin charmed those seated around them, Daralis paid careful attention to the guests’ behavior and emotions, and Ser Tredmore and Myra presumably dreamed of being able to face every obnoxious courtier around them in combat rather than with words.

Several dishes into the seventy seven courses, a play was put on that seemed targeted at mocking Stannis and Renly Baratheon. The king’s brothers both went up to Robert afterward, Stannis protesting the crudity of the play as being unseemly at a royal wedding, Renly trying to hide his anger and to seem to be calming Stannis down while actually making biting remarks in the process.

Moments after dismissing his brothers, Robert took a swig of wine from his goblet, then clawed at his throat, unable to breath.



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